To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Sometimes, one place may seem different from another's eyes, your preys can be another's ennemy, it all depends on your situation and the way you see it. In Cycle, you are on an Island where 3 distinct races of creatures live. Your character? The three of them. Your goal is to incarnate one of the monsters and try to survive as long as possible. One of the races is your prey, the other is your predator. Eat and dodge death is your goal in this ''rock-paper-scissors'' way of seeing things. Once defeated (eated by a predator), you incarnate the one who took your life and it goes on and on like a cycle.


Wana play  this game? You can download it here :

I realized all the sound design and music of the game. The musics are seamless loop that can be layered.

Air   0:47

Water    0:30

Earth    0:15